Cleaning checklist

Here comes a few tips and tricks to help you with your cleaning. 

If you are staying in a mini-corridor, you and your fellow roommates are responsible for the cleaning of all common areas such as kitchen, bathroom, hall and wardrobe. The common areas will be inspected together with your room and they should be properly cleaned even if any of your roommates are staying. Do not leave any of your belongings in your student housing, your storage or your balcony/patio. You will be charged if your cleaning is poorly done or if you leave any things behind. When the inspection is done, you leave your keys to the person in charge of the inspection. Remember! Make it fun to clean! Listen to your favorite music, put a smile on your face and follow our check list and your apartment will shine! 

In all rooms (including bathroom and kitchen)

  • Clean the radiators, remember the back side 
  • Clean the windows, don’t forget the space in between 
  • Clean all the window frames and windowsills 
  • Clean doors and door frames 
  • Clean switches and electric sockets 
  • Clean baseboards and thresholds 
  • Wipe the outside and inside of the closet, don’t forget the top 
  • Vacuum clean and swab the floors 
  • Clean the lamps (remove any loose covers and rinse them with water and detergent) 
  • Clean the ventilation intakes (a place where dust usually collects) 


  • Clean the drain on the floor 
  • Clean all pipes 
  • Clean the mirror and the bathroom cabinet 
  • Clean the taps and the shower head 
  • Clean the basin, don’t forget underneath 
  • Clean the toilet, don’t forget underneath 
  • Clean the bathtub/shower 
  • Clean the floor under the bathtub as well as the outside of the bath. 
  • Clean the walls and tiles (if there are any). Be particular about limescale! 


  •  Pull out the oven and clean behind it (floor, wall, cupboard, the oven itself) 
  • Clean all surfaces of the stove 
  • Clean the inside of the oven, baking trays, oven dishes and the rack 
  • Wipe the cupboards, inside and outside as well as on top of them 
  • Wipe the drawers, inside and outside 
  • Clean the kitchen fan, inside and outside. Clean the filter 
  • Clean the sink, the taps and the bench 
  • Clean both sides of the cutting board 
  • Clean the wall tiles 
  • Defrost and clean the fridge and the freezer 
  • Clean the walls, please be particular about stains from cooking 

 Additional areas 

  • Clean your storage area 
  • Clean your balcony or patio 

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